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'Souls RPG
1 Post-apocalyptic werecanine roleplaying since 2001. In: 1281 Out: 191
Age Of The Wolves
2 Age Of The Wolves is a semi-realistic wolf RP. Come join our ranks, start a family, choose a side, and do what your heart desires. We are looking for literate writers who love wolves as much as we do! In: 824 Out: 282
3 Sverige is a PG-13, post-apocalyptic, statted, fantasy wolf RPG set in Sweden. The world is constantly expanding, with the addition of new locations and creatures. There is no word count and we have a In: 65 Out: 97
Anikira Reloaded
4 Open since February 2008, Anikira is an Int/Adv realistic wolf RP with a fun, friendly roleplaying environment and many diverse plots. We are always looking for literate, fun members! In: 59 Out: 161
5 Nine species. Three gods. Total chaos.
Enter the madness.
{ wolf/human shifter }{ fantasy }{ active }
In: 49 Out: 192