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Site Of the Moment: TiME

TiME is an original fantasy wolf roleplay. Our site offers a creative and exciting roleplay experience, allowing you to create the wolf of your dreams! We have many plot opportunities and a friendly c

101 In a world haunted by souls of the leaders past, in a land that are doomed to make even the purest of heart into a blood savage beast. Nothing nice comes from lands like these. No one yet has been abl In: 0 Out: 19
102 A semi-realistic, adv-pro wolf rp forum, we are brand new and we have a great plot. Species have customs/cultures! The site is very well put together. Check us out! In: 0 Out: 26
Lupus Insula
103 Lupus Insula is a realistic wolf rpg set on a man made island. Offers multiple packs, land claiming, and more. 100 word minimum posts. In: 0 Out: 45
Porcelain Dreams
104 For as long as any one could remember, there had always been one pack, and one Grand Emperor. There was no disputing his word, no disobeying of his commands. Peace settled among the ranks of wolves for many years and there didn't seem to be any upset in t In: 0 Out: 27
Caressing Dawn
105 In a world apart from our own exists Aluura, where wolves reign. Will you succumb to fate... or will you caress your own destiny? [ Fantasy wolf rp// Literate// active// Lots of fun with a unique plot In: 0 Out: 31
Some Nights
106 A brand new canine site where vampires, ghosts etc are allowed. Please come and check us out. In: 0 Out: 52
107 Say ello to BattleBor, A new realistic Wolf RP. We are a small, tight-knit community who all have one thing in common; a love for role-play whether you're a beginner, semi literate or advanced. In: 0 Out: 56
The New World Wolves
108 A semi-realistic wolf RPG site, always welcoming new members. In: 0 Out: 36
xXx Devour xXx
109 There is a demon in all of us, they say. A demon that pushes us towards our inner-most wants, no matter who is hurt in the process. It must be these demons that drove us into the city. In: 0 Out: 26
Time of the Fallen
110 A fantasy wolf roleplay for new and seasoned roleplayers. an open plot with a mythical back story and the ability to create your characters to your liking without many limits. In: 0 Out: 46
Burning Dawn Pack
111 The Burning Dawn Pack is a semi-realistic, wolf RPG set in the vast and beautiful Adirondack Parks in upstate, NY. Many believe wolves are extinct from there, but we live in secret. See you soon! |The sun rises and so do we| In: 0 Out: 16
112 Born just this year, Thrill is a realistic wolf RP just waiting for the book to write itself. We have an active community and amazing members. Come join the Thrill!! In: 0 Out: 28
113 The infection is spreading. Wolves are becoming infected, turning into a baser version of themselves. Mindless. Trapped. Will you survive unscathed, or succumb to the disease that's taken the world? In: 0 Out: 19
114 Eidolon is a new up and coming RPG experience. Choose from several species to play, create your own pack or herd, gain experience and level your characters, and take part in our original plot. In: 0 Out: 18
Welcome to Kismet, an active semi-realistic canine roleplay. The setting of this site is on a continent called Kismet and all the small areas that are within Kismet. Humans are alive and thriving and the canines are just trying their best to live in pea
In: 0 Out: 19
Dog Days | A Mature British Animal RPG
116 active members | 18+ | nearly no limits
We are a multi-species rpg based loosely around mating. We have friendly members so come on in!
In: 0 Out: 24
Freedom Has It's Own Heart
117 Set in nowadays Maine.Three packs,Three destinies,Three lives. Which will you choose? This is a webers thst accepts every kind of RPer. In: 0 Out: 16
Ciroc V.3
118 Founded in 2009, we are a semi-realistic wolf rpg with an open, member-driven plot. Our community is warm and welcoming, and our writers are diverse. Come and write your tale; Ciroc is calling! In: 0 Out: 19
119 Dementus is set in present time. It is a fictional Canine, Feline, and Human RP centered around two species Called the Sithyres and the Daeckal.
In: 0 Out: 14
Seventh Primeval
120 A horror wolf pack roleplay based off the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent by Frictional Games. In: 0 Out: 15
* Kinderfeld
121 Welcome to Kinderfeld, a play-by-post canine roleplay for the intermediate to advanced. In: 0 Out: 21
A Place Of Darkness
122 A Place Of Darkness(APOD)is a FREE online dog rpg.It is centered about how (in the game)the lights shut down in 2009.When all electricity was lost,everyone thought it was a death trap.They all rushed In: 0 Out: 28
Primordial Origins
123 {Fantasy Prehistoric Predators} {GrayxDire Wolves} {Staff Positions Open} {Novice-Advanced) In: 0 Out: 29
Origin Wolves v2
124 Welcome to Origin. A free form, play-by-post fantasy wolf roleplay. We have a word count of 200, and we accept intermediate to advanced roleplayers who are thirteen years of age or older only In: 0 Out: 34
Pure Souls
125 All-canine|Semi-realistic|Paragraph|Post-apocalyptic setting|Remember This: Die Sooner or Live Longer In: 0 Out: 84

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