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Site Of the Moment: Aneroui
Aneroui is a new wolf role-play, with fresh new ideas and an active site owner/administrator!

'Souls RPG
Post-apocalyptic werecanine roleplaying since 2001.
In: 2219 Out: 268
Age Of The Wolves
Age Of The Wolves is a semi-realistic wolf RP. Come join our ranks, start a family, choose a side, and do what your heart desires. We are looking for literate writers who love wolves as much as we do!
In: 846 Out: 341
Sverige is a PG-13, post-apocalyptic, statted, fantasy wolf RPG set in Sweden. The world is constantly expanding, with the addition of new locations and creatures. There is no word count and we have a
In: 121 Out: 121
Anikira Reloaded
Open since February 2008, Anikira is an Int/Adv realistic wolf RP with a fun, friendly roleplaying environment and many diverse plots. We are always looking for literate, fun members!
In: 110 Out: 235
Nine species. Three gods. Total chaos.
Enter the madness.
{ wolf/human shifter }{ fantasy }{ active }
In: 75 Out: 230
Welcome to Imporia we have Weres, Fae, Feline Shifters, Vampires and a species of Hunter. Kingdoms have been rebuilt once more as the power struggle continues on. Can the species come together ?
In: 24 Out: 116
Ravensbruck is slavery wolf rpg that has been growing steadily. We are an intermediate rpg with a 300 word post minimum.
In: 12 Out: 108
Untamed Savannah Pack
Untamed Savannah Pack is an African Wild Dog RPG, taking place in the heart of Africa's beauty -- Tsavo National Park. We're a fun loving pack with many members and activities.
In: 11 Out: 116
When The Music Stops
We have a 300 word count, a unique medicine and crafting system, plot modified by the actual roleplay, and a small but friendly community. Join us today!
In: 10 Out: 113
Dealan- Dè Pack
We're a literate roleplay wolf pack set in ancient Scotland. See what awaits your fate.
In: 10 Out: 95
Lunar Children
11 An intermediate to advanced wolf rpg | Our fate is in your hands | Semi realistic settings: Ability to "imprint", Uncommon eye colors, & Talking allowed
In: 9 Out: 92
Fire and Ice Wolf Packs
An active literate WRPG since 2006, we are a diverse community who welcomes writers of all ages and experiences, unlimited plots, hundreds of chances, six packs and only one land.
In: 8 Out: 215
Vox Populi
In: 8 Out: 65
Ciroc V2
14 Ciroc is an any-level, semi-fantasy wolf RPG located on a collection of islands out in the ocean. We're friendly and active! In: 6 Out: 55
Perchance to Dream
Perchance to Dream is a wolf role play site which takes place in an island called Oiseau and is unique for holding a tradition in which wolves are able to bond with a bird companion.
In: 5 Out: 122
Apocalypse Wolves
Come join our brand new site and come join the fun! Will you survive the apocalypse or die trying?
In: 4 Out: 38
The Wolves of Winter
A friendly wolf RP, with our pack situated in medieval Europe. Follow the noble Kings of Winter, through the lands of old.
In: 4 Out: 106
Souls of the Unknown V.2
A brand new, literate werewolf-mix role playing community with 45+ places to RP and counting! We all belong here but how long can we remain united?
In: 4 Out: 57
Wolf is a semi-realistic wolf role-playing game focused on three principles: simple, casual, fun. Features include experience points, skill levels, health bars and more!
In: 3 Out: 166
Haiki Mura
We're a canine role-play, rated PG-13. Haiki Mura has been around for five years as of May 31st, 2013. At Haiki Mura, we're family and welcome in new members with open arms. There is no limit, ever
In: 2 Out: 98
Year of the Dog
Year of the Dog is a semi-realistic, play-by-post canine rpg, set in a post apocalyptic New York city. We accept members from beginner to advanced, all are welcomed!
In: 2 Out: 69
The Eightieth Arena Pack
The Hunger Games are over. The Capitol is in devistation, and all is gone. Wolves took over the Capitol after its fall from the Rebels, and now it is their turn to play their very own special games.
In: 1 Out: 28
23 After the war between humans and wolves, we have won, but many casualties occurred, leaving only a handful of wolves to survive. You can be one of them In: 1 Out: 47
The Lost Ones
(Literate Fantasy Werewolf RP Site) Welcome stranger. Choose your path, choose your pack, and begin your destiny.
In: 1 Out: 79
Blue Eclipse Pack
We are canine pack with special abiltys to call the blue eclipse on our side. We use it for good things like hunting, healing and fighting rivals.
In: 1 Out: 60
A wolf roleplay taken place in a land far from the grasp of human life. We are an active and fun community, so come stop by!
In: 1 Out: 50
Silenced V2
While the humans are silenced the pack can speak out.
Literate, post apocalypse wolf RPG
In: 1 Out: 130
28 Prominence is a fully literate and realistic Wolf RPG set before humans and centered arouns four tribes. In: 1 Out: 52
My Spirit is Free
We are a novice through advanced role play site with a post length minimum of 3 sentences. The role play takes place in a land called Serig where many domesticated canines and felines escape from thei
In: 1 Out: 65
| Incandescence |
30 Where once the lands lay twisted in human desolation, a new order has risen. In the realm of Candenta, wolves reign supreme, but are you prepared to handle their flame? -Welcome to Incandescence- In: 0 Out: 35
Serenity River Pack
A down-to-earth pack, which aims to be a fun place to hang out! We're an active literate RP, and try to include each of our members.
In: 0 Out: 57
Wolf's Tear
32 Wolf's Tear is an semi-realistic, intermediate wolf/shifter roleplay with a story created around life, love, death, and revenge. Who will win the war, the wolves or the Wolfiends? Created July 2004! In: 0 Out: 68
Darkest Evil
33 We are a large canine paragraph rpg. We do not use speed. We are looking for members and writers. We are family friendly and a non-raid pack. Forum|99Chats In: 0 Out: 43
IN COGNITO >> A Fantasy Dog Roleplay
A catastrophic chemical and radiation leak killed a large population of cognito city, which was abandoned 50 years ago. The animals survived, and are now mutating and fighting for supremacy.
In: 0 Out: 136
☣brand new canine site - low word count - easy application - friendly staff☣
imagine our planet without its people, imagine every single human being has simply disappeared. this isn't the
In: 0 Out: 61
Eden's Inferno
36 Eden's Inferno is a realistic advanced role-play where wolves, humans, and dogs struggle to survive and co-exist. In: 0 Out: 49
FreeForm Spirit Pack
37 We are a wolf roleplay site that is slowly trying to become more active. You'll have a little more freedom here then with other sites, ie. unrealistic colors, continue on as a ghost, etc. In: 0 Out: 37
While the humans are silenced the pack can speak out...
In: 0 Out: 71
Whispers of a Howl
39 Newly founded element fantasy wolf rp, with wonderful positions available. We accept beginner to advanced members offering a friendly environment. In: 0 Out: 53
Society of Strays
40 |Multi Canine Role Play|200 Word Minimum|Semi-Lit| 2 Rival Packs|The Society & The Militia| In the Heart of Alaska|Are You Ready to Fight?| In: 0 Out: 28
41 SPACEBOUND is a semi-literate to advanced canine RP that takes place in Chicago, Illinois in the 1950s. We do not have a post count but we do encourage our members to post at least a couple of sentences per post as it helps keep the roleplay fresh and act In: 0 Out: 58
the Valley of the Wolves
42 Welcome to the Valley of the Wolves Pack, also known as the Druids. This is a very extraordinary and unique pack of wolves that are put together to create a one large family. Rarely will two wolves pass each other without playfully rubbing shoulders tog In: 0 Out: 19
Wolves Of The Earth
43 This fun roleplay site is about the life of a wolf. Learn about them as you Roleplay with others, We are PG 13 and Family friendly. We hope to see you around! In: 0 Out: 14
Run With The Wind
44 We are a realistic wolf rpg, for beginner-advanced roleplayers. We have a 50 word count. We are brand new and still under some construction. In: 0 Out: 58
45 in a world changed by natural resources being used up by the humans, whom have died off, canines have now ruled In: 0 Out: 20
Bridled & Unbroken
46 BAU is a stray and house dog roleplay located in the fictional city of Eagleton, California. The site is re-opened after a year hiatus, which is was open for a year previously. In: 0 Out: 69
Distant Bloods Version 2
A friendly community of canines/wolves of all kinds, a RP for all levels, where a pack turns into a family, where adventure is around every corner! However you describe us, we welcome you warmly!
In: 0 Out: 95
The Rain Pack
48 TRP v2 is a very active new site. Stop by and join us today! In: 0 Out: 15
The Last Inverno
A PG-13 new fantasy canine role-play based off of 3 books, taking place in two different realms and seven packs. Will you join them on their various cataclysms?
In: 0 Out: 44
The Wolfs Pack
50 Come join our exciting rpg wolf site, will you join the Saltus pack, Tormented Souls pack, or will you choose a lonely life? You will have the chance to play fun games,RP,chat, and/or get new and more friends! We would love to see you here! In: 0 Out: 37

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